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A medical herbalist, sustainability queen, cultural and health advocate.

Let's RECLAIM OUR HEALTH. . . together. . . using the knowledge from our ancestors and the power of plants to make natural, homemade remedies.

I have a master's degree in Biochemistry, so I have a strong foundational working knowledge of botany and how the human body works. I have always had a fascination for how most medicines are derived from nature and think it's a great way to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Herbalism is a way of life and I believe it is all of our rights to be able to harness the nature around us to deal with common ailments. I have a particular interest in sleep and womxn's health but  The Bush Empress is my offering, to ALL people, as a way to lead a holistic, well-rounded lifestyle and to create holistic awareness.

I believe that your wellness should feel AWESOME and not overwhelming. 

Ready for some relief? Then be sure to check out my blog, sign up for my newsletter and explore the herbal directory.

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